The K&G, led by the architect Vasileios Kasimidis and associates, is operating since 1990 in studies and construction, showrooms and special construction worldwide.


The staff of K & G offers a full range of management services and expertise in designing the exhibition stands. Includes opening ideas, developing a plan, material specifications, installation and kiosk applications.

We maintain a complete library of projects since new materials are studied to ensure the best for our customers.

A full schedule can include meetings with the appropriate company department that defines the scope of the whole planning, preliminary budget plan, space assessment, scheduling work and project, furniture designs, exhibition furnitures, and finishing with the final selections and specifications, final design and constant monitoring of the entire program.


At K&G we believe that ideas are generated by teamwork. Architects, designers and technicians are working in harmony to ensure achieving the optimum proposal.

For us architecture means constant commitment in designing every detail.

We design spaces that are innovative, discreet and affordable. We offer unparalleled design services for exhibitions. If you are looking for creative direction and inspiration, we can help you in any project, large or small. Our consultants are highly trained professionals and experienced in the program report requirements.

Our internal team of consultants are able, at a glance, to find furnitures that will harmonize with your style using the finest finishes, colours, classic and contemporary furnitures, spherical objects, lighting and art. We can transform an empty space on the exhibition to a high standard stand according to your budget.

We would be delighted to share our ideas with you and present you our concepts. We look forward to your suggestions.


At K&G we are very patient. We take into account the operational needs and encourage the client to comment, but preventing him from the wrong choices.

Our projects have character. We use all the design parameters to achieve a perfect proposal, functional with unique style and above all feasible.

We mostly invest in innovation. We create theoritical projects that we
fully put into effect, taking into account all developments in the technology
and the cost to actually have a firm foundation.

We research the market and constantly looking for new materials.

We place great emphasis on speed.

The projects carried out at such a pace so as not to exaggerate, based on prior knowledge and clear concept, to achieve the desired result.

For the implementation of the projects there is a coordinated group of professionals offering construction, delivery and support services at predetermined times.


K&G’s remarkable progress and fruitful ideas were awarded with the attention and cooperation of the following Greek and international companies:
-Dionyssomarble Group
-Nestle Purina

We will be honored to contact you in order to process and satisfy the requirements of your company.

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